Connecticut Commercial Water Systems Sales, Service & Repair

Clean Commercial Drinking Water In addition to Public Systems, Water Systems Specialties offers complete full service for commercial water supply systems. We are State of Connecticut Department of Health (DPH) certified water distribution and water treatment plant operators. Charged with overseeing the operations of the distribution, pumping and treatment systems, Water Systems Specialties helps ensure the safe delivery of your public and commercial water. We analyze potential and occurring problems, notifying the owner in a timely manner. We also offer solutions and advice on how to make necessary repairs and provide service for the water system.

Monitoring checks are typically performed weekly but may be done at larger intervals depending on the size, type and complexity of the commercial water system.

Our clients range from:

  • Local restaurants
  • Deli’s
  • Professional office buildings
  • Residential community well system serving 1,000 residents or 250 homes
  • Affordable housing projects
  • Camp grounds
  • Local schools and regional school districts

Commercial Water and Public Water Services:

  • Regular contract maintenance programs
  • Emergency pump service
  • DPH required reporting and water quality monitoring and testing
  • Water storage tank inspections as well as installations and cleaning
  • Construction of booster pump stations, renovations and repairs
  • Control and alarm system diagnosis, maintenance and repairs
  • Installation, maintenance and repairs to Chlorine and Ph analyzers
  • Full water treatment including Ph adjustments and chlorine disinfection as well as ultraviolet (UV) systems
  • Annual cross connection surveys as well as back flow device testing
  • Annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)
  • 60% of our clients are small public water systems.
  • Services for public water systems
  • Services for commercial water systems

Water Systems Specialties Provides:

  • Water and Pump Station inspection and monitoring
  • Treatment System monitoring and routine servicing
  • Consulting with the owner and the DPH regarding Water System issues and compliance
  • DPH Sanitary Survey consulting service
  • Major repairs discussed with owner and scheduled as necessary
  • Preventive monitoring to help keep small developing problems from becoming major concerns
  • Overseeing of all monitoring of Water Systems and Treatment Systems by Certified Operators