Connecticut Water Filtration Installation & Service Specialists

Water Systems Specialties of Connecticut services, maintains and repairs all major brands and types of residential and commercial water filtration systems. If you are having problems with water quality, we have a number of water purification solutions available. We offer everything from high output, whole house water filtration systems to smaller under sink filtration systems.

Each home and family has different needs and budgetary requirements, so we’re here to help you decide what type of solution is best for you.

Do you have any of the following water problems?

  • Water is hard
  • Blue green staining
  • Water smells like rotten eggs
  • Toilets, fixtures, laundry staining
  • White deposits on shower, tile, glasses and dishwater

Common home water filtration systems and commercial treatment systems & options:

pH Problems: For PH adjustment, we recommend either a whole house or under the sink Calcite filter & chemical injection. Low pH can cause blue, green staining and leach lead and copper to water.

Chlorine: The best solution for Chlorine problems are Injection pumps for bacteria remediation. Injection pumps are much better for higher volume homes than reverse osmosis water purifiers.

Bacterial problems: Well Chlorination can be effective against bacteria and high iron levels. Ultraviolet water filtration units (UV) have been known to remove or inactivate 99% of viruses and bacteria in water.

Hard Water: Whole house water softeners are ideal to treat hardness, iron and manganese.

Odd Tastes and Odors: (GAC) Carbon Filters help improve the taste and odor and can also aid in the removal of hydro carbons (i.e. gasoline, volatile organics, fuel oil, sulphur removal and radon in water).

Staining, red or brown stains on fixtures: Iron Filters, Mixed bed, multi purpose includes Birm filters. These types of filters reduce iron levels that can cause the red and brown stains that plague plumbing fixtures, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, dishwashers or white clothes in some homes.

Stubborn stains: Manganese filters are effective for removal of more stubborn stains than iron. Tends to be a deeper brown, blackish stain and attacks similar surfaces as iron.

Sediments in water: Replaceable element units for sediment removal, taste and odor reduction, chlorine removal. Relatively inexpensive units to install and is simple to maintain by homeowner.

Reverse Osmosis water purifier (R/O): Ideal for low volume, residential water filtration system needs. Point of use units for removal of bacteria, heavy metals, lead, zinc and sodium. Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems are generally for low production applications of up to 100 gallons per day.

Radon in Water: GAC, granular activated carbon can successfully remove up to 10,000 pic/liter of radon in water. Radon/Air scrubbers can remove up to 98% of radon in water above 10,000 pic/liter and up.

Water Testing

Water systems specialties offers full certified laboratory water sampling/collection for full analysis of all water parameters, including bacteria, coliform, e-coli, pH, color, turbidity, volatile organics (VOC), hardness, odor, sodium, iron, manganese, etc. We also offer a free water analysis of common parameters i.e. pH, hardness, odor, iron, manganese and color, at no charge.

Bacteria kits are available for sale that allow our clients to test at home. There is no lab involved for bacteria tests and results are available in 48 hours.

We sell various types of well water filters and water conditioners. These include:

  1. AAutotrol
  2. Geosmonics
  3. Structural Fibers
  4. Fleck Controls
  5. CSI
  6. Trojan
  7. Radon Away
  8. Blake Water Solutions

Annual service plans

We all get busy, but what happens if you have a critical system in place to protect the quality of your water and forget about important maintenance? Annual service plans are available to help protect the quality of your water, so even if you are too busy to think and life is just “out of control".