Connecticut Residential Water Systems Sales, Service & Repair

Clean Residential Drinking Water Residential Customers have their own well system. This can be either a jet pump (in the house) or a submersible pump (in the well). The pump sends water through the water pipe to a water storage tank in the house. We install “turnkey” systems. This means that when you have a new well dug (by a certified well driller) we will then install the pump, pipe and wires from the well to the house. For easy and sanitary access, Install a pitless adapter and sanitary well cap according state regulations. We will run the pipe and wire in the ground. In the house, we install a water storage tank and all necessary controls to make the system work.

We also do repairs/replacement when a system is not functioning properly or a customer has "no water."

When purchasing a house that has its own well, it is best to have a well inspection done. This will determine the gallons per minute the well is producing, if it is adequate for the family/house and if the system is working properly. It is recommended that when purchasing a home that you do a water analysis. This will determine if the water is potable (safe to drink).

Water filters are sometimes needed when there are iron, pH, manganese, etc. issues with the water. We install water softeners, neutralizers, and reverse osmosis (RO) units. If there is an issue with odor, taste or sediments, we can install a water cartridge filter.

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