Real Estate Pre-Purchase Well Inspection

Before you buy your new home, find out:

  1. Is your new home's well recovery?
  2. Is the water safe to drink?
  3. Is there enough water?

Our Real Estate Well Inspection Service Includes*:

  1. Well cao and seal
  2. Static water level
  3. Pump capacity in gallons per minute (gpm)
  4. Tank inspection
  5. Pressure switch and gauge operation
  6. Motor and wire analysis
  7. Full filter system evaluaion
  8. Well storage capacity and recovery rate
  9. Full written report upon completion of inspection

Radon in Water Testing

Water Systems Specialties offers complete radon treatment and removal systems.

Why not just have my home inspector test the well?

We are water system experts - we only do water! As a licensed well pump, tank and water filter contractor, our knowledge and expertise allows us to offer a far more thorough and accurate well evaluation than that offered by a home inspector.

We offer:

  1. Well locating Services
  2. Full water quality analysis

Service Area:

All of Litchfield, New Haven, and Fairfield Counties

* = some restrictions may apply